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A diverse and equal society free of abuse.

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We are committed to strengthening family and community by breaking the cycle of abuse.

Tri-City Transitions


  • We believe in Progressive growth and change that embraces creative learning and continuous quality improvement.
  • We believe in being Accountable – We clearly define and deliver our service and accurately measure our outcomes.
  • We believe in being Inclusive – We are accessible to a diverse community.
  • We believe in Integrity – We embrace ethical, honest, confidential practices in our governance, community relations, and service provision.
  • We believe in Humanism – We embrace dignity, respect, equality, safety, and security.
Tri-City Transistions Womens Crisis Shelter


We are guided by:

  • Collaborative relationships to build a supportive community.
  • Feminism that is inclusive and generates change towards a more equal society.
  • The resiliency of family: children, youth, women, and men.
  • Client-centered services.
  • Valuing community rich in diversity
  • Continual learning and professionalism.
Women's Transition House

Helping Families Since 1975

Tri-City Transitions is a non-profit registered charity with one goal: To support and aid people and families experiencing intimate partner violence. We enact this goal in several unique ways, but one aspect that stays constant is that we are welcoming of women, men, youth and children of all races, gender identities, and cultures.

The Tri-City Transitions Society was founded in 1975 with the aim of providing an emergency shelter and social support for women and their children fleeing intimate partner violence. Supporting families across the Tri-Cities of Port Moody, Coquitlam, and Port Coquitlam, and including Anmore and Belcarra, we rely upon the generous community donations and support to serve our community.


Tri-City Transitions
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Through partnerships and collaborations with recognized leaders in the field of intimate partner violence, we have evolved and developed a unique method of supporting women, children, youth, and teens who have experienced violence, to increase their resilience and acquire the tools they need to change their lives and their situations. We believe in fostering hope and providing client-centered, client-directed support. Through our provision of programs and workshops, as well as our emergency shelter, we serve over 1500 families from the Tri-Cities each year.

Our philosophy is that power and control are at the heart of abuse and we endeavour to give women, children, youth, and men the knowledge, skills, and tools to increase their resilience and take the power and control back in their own lives.

Our registered charity has strong, sustainable business practices so we can continue to provide these vital services to our community. We believe in building program and human capacity through lifelong learning, program evaluation, and adaptation to meet our evolving community’s needs.


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We appreciate your support to help us carry on providing essential services to women, children, youth, and men affected by intimate partner violence in the Tri-Cities. By providing the skills and tools to enhance people’s resilience, we are working to provide a diverse and equal society free of abuse.

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Our Board Of Directors

The Board of Directors is a diverse and skilled group of women and men focused on women’s issues including cultivating hope for women impacted by violence.

Pat Dewhirst

Pat Dewhirst

Chair of the Board

Bob Frew

Bob Frew

Director at Large

Mark Williams

Mark Williams


Sherry Shir

Sherry Shir

Board Member – Director at Large

Arjina Mangat

Arjina Mangat

Member at Large

Marilyn Craig

Marilyn Craig

Rebecca Jackson

Rebecca Jackson