Tri-City Transitions provides a number of support programs for children and youth in need of help.

Please Note: Not all groups run year-round. Call the main office at (604) 941-7111 to find out about dates, times, and registration information.

Among the programs that we offer are the following:

The PEACE (Prevention, Education, Advocacy, Counselling and Empowerment) Program provides supportive psycho-educational programming to program participants.  Services are provided to children between the ages of 3 and 9, and youth between the ages of 10 and 18 and their families/caregivers who have experienced violence.  It is important to understand that children and youth experiences include “experiencing, resisting, responding to, being exposed to, living with, and being affected by violence.” Through support, education and group and individual counselling children and youth have the opportunity to heal the emotional wounds of family and or gender-based violence, build self-esteem and stop the inter-generational cycle of abuse.

The goals of the PEACE program are:

  • To support children and youth to feel safe, respected, valued and heard
  • To support mothers/caregivers to feel respected, empowered, confident and effective
  • To support children, youth, and parents to develop healthy and respectful ways of connecting with one another including: Improved communication, problem solving, and cognitive coping skills
  • To support emotional health and self-esteem
  • To reduce isolation, and let children and youth know that they are not alone
  • To identify and develop safety skills and strategies
  • To educate non-violent ways of resolving conflict
  • To view emotions and responses not as pathological, but rather as a natural response to traumatic events
  • To provide psycho-education and support to help children and youth identify and manage their emotions
  • To provide strategies to help children and youth cope with and minimize responses, including healthy ways of expressing anger
  • To foster hope by reminding children and youth of their abilities, and how they have used strategies and resistance in the past to successfully copy with adversity
  • To offer reassurance that the child’s and youth’s reactions are natural under the circumstances
  • To provide outreach in schools, focused on violence prevention
  • To develop understanding of violence against women and girls

Art counselling group for children who have witnessed physical, emotional or verbal abuse and need support learning healthy ways to express their anger. This group is for both boys and girls.

This is a free art and psycho-educational group for boys ages 9-12 who have witnessed physical, emotional, or verbal abuse, live in the Tri-Cities area, and need support learning healthy ways to express their anger. In this 8-week group, boys will learn: how to identify and express feelings; how to express and control anger; how to problem solve and resolve conflict; different types of abuse and ways to stay safe; skills to increase confidence and self-esteem.

The Violence is Preventable program is a school based education program designed to help grade 8 students better understand the dynamics of healthy vs. unhealthy relationships, how to make healthy choices (partners and behaviours) and how to support friends that may be in an abusive relationship. This program is offered as a series of workshops and can be tailored to meet an individual school’s need.

Group support for pregnant and teenage moms at the CABE alternate school in Coquitlam.