The Community Outreach Program helps clients navigate the Family Court Justice System. It also helps provide longer-term supports after clients have left the Shelter or Victim Services such as housing, income assistance and advocacy with government ministries and/or Family Court. Outreach workers meet clients at the Tri-City Transition office or in a safe place in the community and provide practical and emotional support, safety planning, goal setting, and information and referrals to community resources.

Within this program, the Outreach Family Court support worker is available to support clients who require assistance with Provincial Court Family law matters. Please note that we do not provide legal advice.

The program supports clients as they integrate into the community and continue along their journey toward a life free of family violence and abuse. The program fosters client directed positive life changes by empowering and encouraging self-sufficiency as women explore strategies that help build resilience, independence, confidence and autonomy.

Pro-Bono Legal Services Available

There are options available for those that need them to get access to pro-bono legal advice.  We do not offer this advice directly through our society but can connect you with the following legal clinics:

Pro Bono Legal Clinic

Pro Bono Family Law Clinic