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Back to school tips during COVID19

Back to school during COVID19: Tips for parents and caregivers It’s the end of summer and going back to school is challenging now more than ever as we are returning to school under COVID-19.  Many parents and caregivers are feeling unsure, overwhelmed and anxious. School boards across the country are now planning for a return […]


Loss and Grief

Loss and Grief Losing a loved one can be a painful experience which can lead to a path of grieving. In this process people often feel alone and overwhelmed with intense emotions that can last for months or years. Along with emotional symptoms of sadness, people can also experience physical symptoms. Which can include headaches […]


Seniors and COVID

Seniors and COVID We are going through some unprecedented times experiencing the COVID 19 pandemic. This epidemic has affected us all in many ways. Many of us are feeling sad, stressed, anxious, scared and confused.  We have been advised to practice physical distancing to help control the spread of the virus which has resulted in […]


Discussing Problems with Others

Discussing Problems with Others Communicating effectively where we feel heard can be a challenge. Below are some simple steps in assuring that you are saying what you mean in order to communicate and collaborate with the people around you. Plan and Practice beforehand. Select an appropriate time and place to talk. Be specific and descriptive. […]


PEACE GROUPS – Spring 2020

Guardians of children who are 3-11 years old (6 weeks) Topics include: attachment, struggle with behaviour, co-parenting, emotions, triggers, anxiety (fear), problem-solving techniques, etc.  Client will receive information prior to session with regard to topics including practice work for the following week.   Guardians of youth aged 12-18 (6 weeks) Topics include: attachment, struggling with […]



Self-Esteem In today’s world being successful is considered the key to happiness, whether it be in a personal life or professional one. We live in a very competitive society where there is a lot of emphasis on being strong and confident. We are expected to conquer and push ourselves in very stressful situations that requires […]


Behaviour as Communication

Behaviour as Communication It is typically easier for us to identify other people’s behaviour versus reflecting on our own.  However, all behaviour including projection is communicating something.  What is that something for you?  What is that something for the people around you? If you have children what is their behaviour trying to communicate to you?  […]



Why Self-Compassion is important Self-compassion involves being aware of our own pain and suffering, and understanding that this is a hard, but normal human experience.  Directing feelings of kindness and care towards ourselves and focusing our attention and energy on how we might alleviate our pain, are also crucial components of self-compassion. Self-compassion can bring […]


The Importance of Establishing and Maintaining Healthy Boundaries

The Importance of Establishing and Maintaining Healthy Boundaries Setting boundaries is essential for both our physically and emotionally healthy. Creating healthy boundaries can feel empowering as we begin to recognize the need to set and enforce limits in our life. For some boundaries are to protect you (keep you safe).  Boundaries can also help increase […]