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Tri-City Transitions supports all individuals who have experienced domestic violence and offers women and children a safe, secure place to rest, rejuvenate and rebuild their lives. Tri-City Transitions provides programs that help families pursue peaceful lives.

We are seeking individuals that are passionate and committed to pursuing a career dedicated to supporting our community.


Current Employment Opportunities


Tri-City Transitions

Vision & Mission


A society that is safe for women and children in equitable, diverse, and inclusive communities.


To promote the safety, resiliency, and integrity of women, men, children, youth and families through the development of respectful relationships by providing a range of services, advocacy and public education for the community.

Core Values & Guiding Philosophy

  • Diversity & Inclusion

    • We foster a non-judgmental culture that challenges biases and recognizes systemic inequities.

Trust Building

  •  As a team we provide services through a collaborative, accountable, and reliable approach.


  •  We anticipate and adapt to the changing needs of the community to provide client-centered services.


  • We lead with commitment, respect, and empathy.

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Current Employment Opportunities

Position Brief

Position: PEACE Counsellor/Facilitator permanent part time – 14 hours/week
Wednesdays 9:00am to 4:30pm and Thursdays from 11:30am to 7:00pm
PEACE Program (workshop & group facilitation are a requirement of this position).
Department: Community Counselling Centre
Closing date: May 19, 2024
Department: Programs – Youth, Children and Caregiver Counseling Centre
Grid Level: 13P $37.18–$48.04.


Position Summary

The PEACE Program workers provide psycho-educational community-based workshops, groups and 1-to- l psycho-educational services and advocacy support to children and youth between the ages of 3 and 18 who have witnessed abuse, threats, or violence; these children/youth are the primary clients of the PEACE program; work undertaken with parent/guardians is designed to support a healthy relationship wherein the child/youth flourishes.

Further, to support the children and youth, the program encapsulates facilitated support, strategies, psycho-education workshops and experiential/ positive parenting skills for guardians of the children to strengthen attachment between child and parent and to develop strategies to support healthy connections and behaviors.

Facilitation/Counselling services provided are not clinical therapy.

Reports to: Program Manager


Key Responsibilities

  • Responsibilities Include: Primary focus is Group & Workshop Work, Individual Work, Agency work, and Community work designed to support skill building using techniques such as active listening, conflict resolution, basic group counseling, and basic psycho-educational group methods to help children understand and resolve identified problems, needs and risks &/or provide preventative education on domestic &/or sexual violence.
  • Develop and implement workshops to strengthen families by breaking the cycle of abuse. Collaborates with co-facilitator(s) in conducting groups for children, youth &/or their caregivers.
  • Uses a variety of techniques to assist the child to set and obtain developmentally appropriate goals during sessions, paying attention to individual child’s unique needs and outcomes.
  • Identify the support needs of the child while helping strengthen the child/caregiver relationship by modeling strategies and skills for greater connection and communication.
  • Provides assessment services to gather relevant service information. Identifies and assesses the immediate emotional/behavioral issues that have led the client to seek or be referred to services. Assesses the safety of clients and supports them in identifying and reducing safety risks.
  • Develops and conducts psycho-educational support groups/workshops for children, youth & parents.
  • Conducts individual support sessions with the child (&/or caregiver) using techniques such as active listening, conflict resolution, play therapy, and psychoeducation as needed.
  • Provides parenting support through modeling skills and techniques for enhanced connection and greater communication.
  • Outlines services provided by the program and/or agency. Provides information on and referral to other community service providers resources, and professionals for children &/or their caregivers as required.
  • Maintains accurate records, statistics and reports to the manager as required and prepares reports as needed.
  • Maintains current knowledge of issues and resources related to witnessing violence or abuse, and on prevention of violence and abuse to children. Provides interactive and engaging psycho-educational presentation and awareness activities about services and issues related to these issues.
  • Participates in (or initiates) case conferenced, integrated case management with other professional as required. Engages in individual and group supervision sessions with superior and/or clinical supervisor, as required.
  • Attends and proactively participates in staff meetings and other agency meetings as required.
  • Follows current TCT Policies and Procedures, including best practice, and provides reports to the manager as needed. Reports any difficulties to the manager quickly.
  • Promotes the program to the community through such things as: school collaborations, intra-agency collaborations; community collaborations, distribution of community posters, brochures, announcements, and presentations.
  • Participates in professional development activities in order to stay current in interactive facilitation techniques, as applied to the field of trauma-informed counselling, treatment, and interventions for children of all ages.
  • Participates in various processes necessary to carry out and achieve the society’s mandate, such as, but not limited to demonstrated participation in a respectful workplace model of communication, timely collection, and analysis of data through WISH and performing continuous quality improvement tasks.
  • Performs other agency related duties as directed by Program Manager


Qualifications, Education, Training and Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in a related human/social service field from a university of recognized standing or an equivalent combination of education, training, and experience working with children; two (2) years recent demonstrated, related experience working in community-based services providing group and 1-to-1 services to children & their guardians.


Job Skills and Abilities

  • Demonstrated knowledge and skills using a large variety of relevant age-appropriate facilitation/counseling and experiential approaches with the child and/or youth, together with the ability to educate parents by modeling greater communication and connection skills between the child and caregiver.
  • Demonstrated excellent written, verbal communication and active listening skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to be flexible in-service provision and adaptable to changing client needs.
  • Ability to shift focus dependent on client, community, or school needs.
  • Demonstrated ability to work positively within and be an active member of a team environment and a strong commitment to building a respectful, collaborative, innovative, respectful workplace, and program culture.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of excellent group applications, processes, and tools and facilitation techniques with children, youth and/or their caregivers
  • Cultural competency with an ability to be culturally sensitive, respectful, confidential, and caring when dealing with diverse values, beliefs, and lifestyles. People of all sexual orientations are welcome and supported here.
  • Robust knowledge of community resources
  • Demonstrated ability to build and steward community connections and collaborations.
  • Demonstrated time management abilities.
  • Demonstrated ‘can-do’ attitude with a strong demonstrated focus on strengthening family by breaking the cycle of abuse.


Additional Information

  • Criminal Record Check required.
  • A flexible work schedule may be required including evening work.
  • Valid CPR certificate (including children)
  • 2nd language is preferred (please specify in your resume)
  • The hours of work are Wednesdays from 9:00am to 4:30pm and Thursdays from 11:30am to 7:00pm.
  • No remote work from home.
  • This position requires union membership.
  • This position is open to all applicants.



To apply:

Tri-City Transitions Society is an equal opportunity employer.

We thank all applicants for their interest; however, only those applicants invited to an interview will be contacted.

If you are interested in this position, please email