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Tri-City Transitions Children & Youth Support

Support & Growth For Children

Tri-City Transitions provides a number of support programs for children and youth in need of help.

Please Note: Not all groups run year-round. Call the main office at (604) 941-7111 to find out about dates, times, and registration information.

Our programs include:

PEACE Program (Program for Children & Youth Experiencing Violence)
PEACE Core Group
Guardians Group

Violence Is Preventable (VIP) School Based Intervention And Education Programs


Our Programs

Our support programs provide a place of safety, respect and empowerment.

The PEACE Program

PEACE Program coaches run group program sessions designed to empower and support the emotional and psychological needs of children and their guardians who access the program through a facilitated psycho-educational process.

The facilitation process of the PEACE Program through Tri-City Transitions supports safety and trust for children who have experienced conflict and/or domestic abuse.  The 6-week Peace Program is a group process aligning with and building on the relationship between the child and their guardian(s) through experiential and interactive group sessions.  In addition to group processes, individual sessions are also available to work through specific areas of concern, augmenting the competencies taught in the group 6-week series process.  Both parents are encouraged to participate in order to provide consistent and impartial support and connection with their child and foster the strengthening of families, whether parents are a couple or are parenting separately.

These group sessions are designed so that children and their guardian(s) both attend groups facilitated by PEACE Program coaches, in which each learns specific skill sets and strategies in their respective groups (the children’s facilitated with age-appropriate interactive learning strategies).  Children and their guardian then come together in the final portion of each weekly session to integrate the learning and practice the new skill sets together in a supportive experiential learning process, with the Peace Program Coaches observing their interaction, and offering support, where needed, to help the children and their guardians fully integrate the processes taught.

Through the process of the Peace Program group, children and guardians will experience the foundation of securing and deepening attachment and healthy communication, experiencing the supportive foundation of community and healthy relationship.  Children and guardians will obtain knowledge and skills to better understand their experiences, while deepening their connection and learning more effective communication techniques.

Note:  for children who have directly experienced physical and or sexual abuse, a referral to an appropriate agency is provided.

Tri-City Transitions Children & Youth Support

PEACE Core Groups

PEACE CORE Groups sessions empower and support the emotional and psychological needs of the children, youth and guardians who access the program through a facilitated psychoeducation process.  Program facilitation supports building on the relationship between the child and their guardian through a 6 week PEACE CORE Group and individual sessions. The 6 week PEACE CORE Program is a group process.  Through group you obtain knowledge, skills and how to find your inner resource. Through the process of the CORE group you will experience the foundation of community and relationship through facilitated psychoeducational and experiential process.

Youth Group

The Youth PEACE CORE group is specifically for youth 13-18 years of old.  Being able to identify and be a part of a unique group can empower youth to advocate for themselves, find their voice and have a safe space to be.  This is a closed group for youth.  Youth do not need guardian consent from the age 14.  If you are a youth who has witnessed domestic violence or have been in the cross fire of conflict this is a safe space for you.

Guardians Group

Guardians of youth who are enrolled in the Youth PEACE CORE group will be able to share and participate in the psychoeducational concepts that are parallel to their youth.  The Guardian group is a closed group specifically for guardians whose youth are enrolled in the youth group.  The guardian group can be incredibly powerful.  To be a part of the PEACE CORE group can help address feelings of alienation.  Connecting to others in your community can be a great resource.  During your time in this group you will learn various concepts and be better equipped to find the resource within to guide you through what is happening for you and your family.

In this 6 week CORE group you will be introduced to:

  • Experiential processing
  • Different types of abuse and the developmental impact
  • Identify and express feelings
  • How to problem solve and resolve conflict
  • Develop confidence and self-esteem
  • Ways to stay safe and resources including creating your own first-aid kit

Tri City Transitions offer the PEACE CORE Group process as well as individual sessions for children, youth and guardian.  This is a well-supported method to ensure best practices when working with individuals and their family.  Breaking the cycle of abuse starts here.

Youth PEACE CORE group

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Tri-City Transistions Children & Youth Support

Violence Is Preventable (VIP) School Based Intervention And Education Program

The Violence is Preventable program is a school based education program designed to help grade 8 students better understand the dynamics of healthy vs. unhealthy relationships, how to make healthy choices (partners and behaviours) and how to support friends that may be in an abusive relationship. This program is offered as a series of workshops and can be tailored to meet an individual school’s need.