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TriCity Transitions Second Stage Housing

Safe And Secure Journey

You’ve taken the first step. Now, we’re here to help you get your life back on track and start your journey to peace.

Joy’s Place is Tri-City Transitions’ second-stage home program that provides a safe haven for women and children who choose to move forward into Domestic Peace. At Joy’s Place, you will receive temporary, subsidized, supportive housing that allows you to focus on your own strengths, resilience, independence, self-sufficiency and safety until you can secure a new home of your own.

Women (and their children 10 years of age and under) who have experienced violence can stay in independent living units or suites, safely away from the threat of family violence. While at Joy’s Place, we support you through education, advocacy, victim services and family law support, workshops and counselling.

Please note that second stage housing at Joy’s Place requires a referral from a first stage transition home. Residents may stay at Joy’s Place for up to one year.

Start Your New Journey

A vital component of your time at Joy’s Place is developing a personal success plan. Tri-City Transitions helps all our residents work on their goals both independently and in areas with which they might need assistance. We also work with you to help you increase your resilience and resourcefulness, and to focus on building confidence in moving forward.


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