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Adult Support & Programs

Tri-City Transitions offers counselling and groups for adults who have experienced sexual assault, relationship or childhood abuse.

Please note: Not all groups run year-round. Call the main office at 604-941-7111 to find out about dates, times, and registration information.

Check out our Adult support services and programs:

Stopping The Violence: Individual Counselling
Coping Skills Group: Learn Skills To Help Manage Your Life
Partner Program: The HEAL Program
Healthy Relationships Group 
MenTOR Relationships for Men: Home Improvement
Women’s Empowerment Group



Tri-City Transitions Adult Support

Our Adult Programs

Our support programs provide a place of safety, respect and empowerment.

Tri-City Transistions Adult Support

Stopping the Violence

Stopping the Violence coaches use a psychoeducational coaching model to offer support to women who have experienced violence and/or sexual abuse.  Coaches support clients in their journey towards greater resiliency and self-efficacy as they invite the learning and integration of new skill sets designed to empower clients as they learn to heal from trauma, move forward, and break the cycle of abuse.

Using Trauma-Informed Practice as the lens from which we offer services, clients are invited to join one of the many workshops and groups designed to promote healing, through greater understanding and empowerment.

By learning respectful relationship models, strategies to heal from past and present trauma, and enhancing their knowledge and proficiency in skill sets that build respectful relationships, coaches offer clients a safe and supportive environment in which to grow their resiliency and empower themselves in moving forward, and away from abusive cycles and violent or unhealthy relationships.

Program services are delivered to anyone who self-identifies as a woman, in a manner that respects each woman’s individual rights, unique journey, safety and human dignity, regardless of economic status, gender, age, race cultural or ethnic origins, physical or mental ability or sexuality.

Coping Skills Group: Learn Skills To Help Manage Your Life 

Would you like to develop your tool box with skills that can be used to manage overwhelming feelings and stress? This could be the group for you. This is a 6-week group aimed at providing women with practical skills they can use to manage and cope with the stressors that are a part of their lives. Some topics that will be focused on are self-talk, relaxation skills, visual imagery, creative arts, grounding, and self-care.

This is a group for women living in the Tri-Cities who have been impacted by abuse.

Tri-City Transistions Adult Support

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Tri-City Transistions Adult Support

Partner Program: The HEAL  Program

The HEAL (Horses Empowering Authentic Living) Program is making a difference for many ladies, and we are honoured to be a part of this healing organization.  The difference these horses make in the lives of the women that meet them is amazing.

You can view the video here: HEAL Program Video

Want more information about the HEAL program and the organization? Visit their website here:

Healthy Relationships Group

Learn more about yourself and the relationships in your life. Topics will cover understanding the impacts of abuse, communication skills, conflict resolution skills, self-esteem, boundaries, stress management skills, developing relationships with yourself and others, and understanding your relationship patterns. 

Tri-City Transistions Adult Support

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Adult Support for relationship Abuse

MenTOR Relationships for Men:
Home Improvement

We believe that WE all want to be in relationships in healthy ways and that all forms of unhealthy behaviours will hurt a relationship; and We believe that all behaviour is personal choice and personal responsibility.  We all have a shared level of value, deservedness, capacity, worth and potential; and Change is possible. MenTOR offers effective support, education and opportunity in a group setting which provides a safe place for men to be open, take personal responsibility for their choices and shift their behaviours. The next group begins on March 10 @ 402 -2071 Kingsway Ave., Port Coquitlam, call: 604 941-7111 or email to enroll


Women’s Empowerment Group

The Women’s Empowerment Group essentially focuses on self-esteem and skill building in order to help participants build upon strengths and develop resiliency and independence.

Psychoeducational instructions, experiential learning, art therapy, and group discussions are examples of methodology used to cover a variety of topics , such as: communication, relationships, anger management, boundaries, coping strategies, stress management, self compassion, etc.

Women Crisis Support Housing