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Healthy Families Maintaining a Schedule

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COVID-19 has thrown many of us off of our daily routine.  Daily routines look different for all of us, and even those who believe they do not have a schedule or routine may still feel a shift in their “normal.”  We cannot underestimate the importance of maintaining or creating a schedule for ourselves and our loved ones during the many changes. 


Strategies for Creating and Maintaining a Schedule based on Mindtools


It is important to understand what you can realistically achieve with your time.  You know you best.  Give yourself the time to sit town and brainstorm how things look like for you in your current situation and what is realistic for you to take on. Be kind to yourself, and ensure you give yourself time for what is considered essential in your life. 


Always plan for the unexpected to happen, so that when it does you can breathe and move forward with what is necessary. Sometimes when we schedule things we become overwhelmed with the amount of activities or essential tasks we have scheduled them for the day or week.  Avoid taking on more than you can handle and always remember to be compassionate towards yourself and continue to work at things slowly and steadily.