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If you are the victim of abuse and you are surfing this and possibly other websites of similar content, you may want to
prevent your abuser from discovering that you are searching for help on the Internet. Your computer, phone, or tablet can
leave a trail of evidence behind for your abuser to find.

On This Site

Two important safety measures you may want to consider using while browsing this site are:

  • Take note of the safe exit to Google button in the top right-hand corner of this site, which will direct you away
    from this site immediately.
  • Clearing your browser history, cache, and cookies or using the private browsing setting on your web browser.

    Web History

    For instructions on clearing your browsing history, select your browser below:

    Social Media

    Be aware that your use of social media may give away information about your habits and location. For information on social media privacy, see the websites below:

    Email Safety

    Also, consider covering your email tracks:

    • Be sure to delete any outgoing and incoming emails
    • Change your email password often
    • Print all threatening and harassing emails to use as evidence of criminal activity. Do not handle the situation alone – contact the police for help.