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Owning Your Part

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This year has been very challenging, initially dealing with effects of COVID- 19 and now the focus has shifted to the events that initially sparked in the United States but have impacted the entire world.

As the citizens of this country we need to band together to work on ways to bridge these gaps of hatred. Together we can create a sense of peace and harmony that will help future generations to come.

This is the time to take responsibility and contribute in our own ways.

To break this cycle of mistreatment we need to educate ourselves and gain knowledge on these topics to understand the current events and put ourselves into the shoes of those who are treated unfairly.

By creating and passing on education in our homes and friend groups to stop the transmission of racism and become allies to all those treated unequally. We all have an opportunity to shape the future to one that we are proud to live in. The future that respects everyone regardless of race, religion, gender and sexuality.

“If you have a voice, use it.
If you have legs, stand up.
If you have feet, step up.
If you have each other, fight together.”
Janna Cachola