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Parenting is the most rewarding job you will ever do and probably the most challenging as well.  To be a successful parent it takes time and adapting to constant change.

We are not born parents we BECOME PARENTS.  Over the years by navigating lots of ups and downs, we grow with our child.

At Tri-City Transitions, we offer parenting programs for families who have gone through and who may still be living with family conflict. We also support parents with other high risk parenting concerns and we offer a school based teen group.

Our parenting programs offer parents practical parenting skills that can help them with their unique parenting concerns. One of our groups won a United Way Community Spirit Award for the unique programing provided to the community

Whether you are a single mother or dad, blended family or stepfamily the groups we offer both educate and empower you so that you and your child will feel better connected to each other, thus having a better outcome.  It is our aim to help the parent understand the needs of the child so that a secure attachment can take place.

Many parents believe that when their child acts out they have “bad” kids when actually there are no “bad” kids – just discouraged ones wanting to get their needs met.  If we can remember this and find ways to encourage our children rather than label them as “bad”, their negative behaviour will become transformed over time as both the parent and child learn more effective communication skills and gain greater understanding of how to express needs clearly.

Everyday we am in contact with parents who have changed their parenting styles due to attending our parenting program and these parents are starting to see changes in their children.  This is success.  In addition, even if it is a small change it is important to celebrate these changes.

We encourage parents to not give up. You are resilient and growing, and so is your child, as you learn the new skills, you will see a change in your interactions.

The positive changes will come and remember- there are no “bad” kids just discouraged ones that are looking for a solution to their problems.

During the pandemic, we know many families are facing more stress, and we have counsellors available to assist you in your parenting concerns.

For children who have witnessed family conflict we also offer the PEACE program – an interactive, relationship-enhancing program for children and their parent to learn improved communication techniques, healthy relationship skills and deepen their level of attachment and connection.

If you are a parent, attempting to help your child navigate through family conflict the PEACE program is a unique approach to building stronger relationships and helping your child heal from any discord they have witnessed.

The following are topics the PEACE parenting program addresses:

  1. Parenting Styles
  2. Developmental Stages
  3. Discipline vs Punishment
  4. Kids and Anger, Tantrums
  5. Effective Communication
  6. Impact that Family Conflict can have on kids
  7. Stress and Anxiety
  8. Emotion Coaching
  9. Building Secure Attachment
  10. Building Self-Esteem and Self Care
  11. Healthy Relationship Vs. Unhealthy Ones
  12. Co-Parenting Concerns

If you are a parent at home needing some extra emotional support during COVID-19, we are here to help.  Counsellors are working and available to talk to   – call today- we are offering free 30 minute telephone emotional support calls to the community as our commitment to strengthening families and helping people face the additional challenges COVID-19 has placed on families.

For more information, or to speak to a counsellor Call 604-941-7111