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Bullying, in all its forms and disguises, will continue until each of us takes a stand to say ‘enough is enough’ and put a stop to it.  Join Tri-City Transitions Society in its support of Pink Thursday as we move from Domestic Violence to Domestic Peace as we Boldly and Bravely step into Respect and LOVE for Self and for Others.

Maya Angelou reminds us “You may shoot me with your words, you may cut me with your eyes, you may kill me with your hatefulness, but still, like air, I’ll rise!”
Maya Angelou’s words remind us to rise above the behaviors of those who bully. Are we ready to take action?  Bullying and Violence are intentional choices to gain control over another person. Most people believe that bullying and violence happen because the aggressor loses control over their behavior. This is not necessarily so. 

Aggressors use different ways to manipulate and bully you. They use different tactics to put you down and make you feel bad about yourself. Why do they do this?  Because bullies gain their sense of power and importance by robbing you of yours. If you are suffering from low self-esteem and believe that you are worthless and nobody wants you, your self-respect and self-love are depleted – you are less able to recognize the energy trap set by the bully. In addition, the bully continues to display and act out bullying behaviours because they think they can – and convince you of the same.

Bullies will do everything and anything to make you feel powerless like labelling, criticizing and shaming. They can push you to cut yourself off from seeing your family or friends to increase your dependence on them – and only them.

Yet, as Maya Angelou reminds us, “but still, like air, I’ll rise”.  This is a gentle reminder, yet strong message, to remember that you are resilient and you will again feel free, loved and valued.  If you are being bullied, or are in an abusive relationship, or you know somebody who is, give yourself permission to be brave and speak up.  You, like many others, may need support to get out of a situation. Reach out to  Speaking up is the first, and most heroic, step to take back control of your life.  Yes, it takes courage.  We believe in you. Your self-respect and self-love will again begin to emerge. Just as bullying has consequences, so too does the courage to stand against bullying. Your bravery builds confidence in that profound journey towards freedom, self-acceptance and love.

Pink Thursday, your commitment to eliminate bullying one act at a time, truly is creating a community legacy.