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Self-care is recommended in our daily lives to promote our mental, emotional and physical health. There is a lot more emphasis on self-care in the present time than there has ever been in the past. The focus used to be on taking yearly vacations, spa days and indulging on shopping trips however, these acts of self-care are done too far and few between.

With a deeper understanding we have come to realize that in order to see real results, self-care needs to be done every day — whether it be form of meditation, a healthy diet or, even simple as making sure we are getting enough sleep. It is an investment that we all need to commit to in order to promote creativity, confidence and a better sense of self.

Why do we not prioritize self-care?  We often make excuses and put it on the back burner, never taking the time to pamper ourselves and indulge as needed.

We all come up with our own excuses, such as; not having enough time or the resources to do it in those past traditional ways. However, as we explored earlier it does not require a lot to practice these nurturing habits on a daily basis. It all comes down to how we view self-care.

We need to learn to differentiate and separate self-care and “being selfish”. Taking care of our own needs and having a break from every days stresses by no means defines us as selfish. We need to make an active choice and have a commitment to ourselves to practice self-care. “Self-care is not a waste of time; self-care makes your use of time more sustainable” – Jackie Viramontez

Article by Jatinder Bhatti