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At 6 years of age Sophie is a budding philanthropist focused on social justice issues. She attends Leigh Elementary School in Coquitlam, B.C. where she recently participated in a “Change Maker” project. Sophie’s vision to make a difference in her community focused on helping moms and children who are fleeing domestic violence.

She created a plan; she executed it. She selected Joy’s Place Transition House as the beneficiary of her project. Then, she began to collect toiletries and other necessities for moms and their children who often arrive at Joy’s Place Transition House without anything. However, Sophie wasn’t yet finished. Her heart expanded more. She decided that she wanted to raise a cash donation from family and friends. Would you believe she also contributed $6 from her very own savings?

Wow, Sophie, you are a Change Maker at heart. Your light shines brightly. At six years of age you are already a World Class, Rock Star!
Wow, also to Lexa, Sophie’s mom, by you shining your light of support you are an amazing example for Sophie.

A testimonial from Joy’s Place:

Sophie: You are an inspiration! We whole heartedly thank you for the donations you have gathered for the women and children staying at the Transition House program. But, even more importantly, we thank you for your dedication and commitment to be the change you want to see! These are such very important values and the fact that you have developed a sense of community and philanthropy (Mom, this is on you to explain this word!) at such a young age, is beyond commendable.
Continue to be this shining star example of kindness and generosity! You are a rock star.

A testimonial from the Chair of the Board:

I am so impressed with Sophie’s commitment to service and social justice at such a young age! Of course, this speaks to her family’s values, but clearly, she has not only embraced, but understood their importance! Sophie, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Pat Dewhirst,
Chair of the Board

From the bottom of our hearts to you Sophie, thank you for your heart-felt support.