Dating Safely 101: Reflection

This is a 3-part blog series on dating safely.  We invite you to read the blogs on preparing for the date; during the date; and after the date and provide your feedback by posting a comment below the article. If you’d like to see a particular topic on the blog, feel free to suggest one to us!

Dating Safely 101: Reflection

Whether your experience was dreamy or dramatic, take time to reflect on your date experiences.  This can help you learn some valuable lessons.

Consider the following to gain insight on the experience:

  • If you interacted with staff at a restaurant or movie theatre, how did your date treat them?
  • How did they talk about their coworkers or friends? Do they tend to place blame on others?
  • Be aware of evolving relationship dynamics:
    • A change in relationship dynamics can shift an individual’s expectations of a relationship.
    • A friend whom you begin to date may expect the relationship to move faster because you already know each other.
  • Remember that there’s no obligation for a second date. If they insist on one and you don’t want that, reach out to friends and family for support.

If the date went well, set up a second one! Dating doesn’t have to be a scary thing; it’s a great way to get to know people. You might even find a loving partner who will appreciate you and respect your boundaries. Don’t psych yourself out worrying about the worst possibility. It’s a good idea to be smart and cautious, however you can also be open to new and exciting experiences.

This concludes our three-part series on dating safely. Tell us what you thought in the comments below, and read parts one and two if you missed them!